What Is The Future Of Ndigbo In Nigeria By GAIUS CHIBUEZE


    I have often asked myself the question, what is the future of Ndigbo in Nigeria. This question has led me to deliberate on a lot of things, many of which have formed some of my basic philosophies on the best attitude Ndigbo should put on towards this country they call Nigeria.

    I am not writing this essay by way of bearing animosity or to recall the many wrongs that have been done to us in Nigeria. I am looking at the fact that the very same fact, the animosity which led to the Genocide called the Biafran war is still very much present in Nigeria. And it shows in the way we have been grossly marginalized. It is a fact that Ndigbo are not loved in Nigeria, but are still very much wanted to remain in the contraption because of the industry and value they bring. It is indeed a queer situation of a relationship, a marriage where you are wanted, but not loved, because of course, your value is known, but you are wanted not to be valued, but to be used. In such a relationship, it is clear that one cannot make the much-expected progress as a person and a human. This is the exact condition of the Igbo. What is the future of Ndigbo in Nigeria? Is it a bright or a grim future? I think the future of Ndigbo in Nigeria is indeed, very bleak. And if Ndigbo keep putting up a liberal attitude, they run the risk of to keep losing.

    For this reason, if at all, I have put up a good argument, I think Ndigbo should begin to think first about themselves before any concerns about Nigeria creeps into their minds. Ndigbo should realize that they will never get to their full potentials if this current attitude towards Nigeria doesn’t change. We should endeavor to bring our minds back home. There are a lot, waiting to be done at home and it is sacrosanct that Ndigbo recognize this and swing into action.

    There is the Igbo philosophy, there are the original anthropology and origin which governs it and no one is tied to Nigeria. And so, Ndigbo shouldn’t see themselves as being tied to Nigeria at all. Once the philosophy of the Igbo man is established that he is first, Igbo before anything about Nigeria, we will begin to get it right and this delusion about a country that has been our greatest undoing will begin to fade.

    Ndigbo, please, let us wake up. The world is waiting for us. We are far behind in digital development, in Science and Technology and even in Infrastructural development. It is time every Igbo person goes home and ask what each of us can do to improve the lot of our people.

    Ndigbo Awake!!


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