Nigeria Can’t Be Sustained Under The Current Unitary System- Enyinnaya Abaribe


The vocal Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has spoken up again, this time, expressing concern at the imminent explosion of Nigeria.

The Senator representing Abia SouthbSenatorial District said, this morning on Channels TV, that a system which treats its citizens unfairly is a recipe for disaster.

He said, “Our system treats people unequally. You come from a certain region of the country, you commit a crime, you are not punished for it.

“There has been no agency that has been set up by our government to alleviate the sufferings of our people that has been successful. Why?

“If a crime is not punished, then that crime is reinforced and the country pays a costly price for it.

The Senator further called for the total restructuring of the country as it is the only way in which good governance can be administered to the people.

“We need to restructure this country, as we can’t sustain it under this unitary system that we run.

“We are looking at ways to make governance less costly to the Nigerian public so that what comes out of it, will be for the welfare of the public.”


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