Gaius Chibueze Pledges Support For Allen Onyema Until Proven Guilty


The CEO of Voice Of The East Media and convener of the Ndigbo awake project, Gaius Chibueze has pledged support for Allen Onyema, the CEO of Air peace until proven guilty.

Mr. Allen Onyema was declared wanted in the early hours of today for the charge of allegedly being involved in bank fraud in America. On this account, about $14 million which are in his accounts have been frozen and the Federal government is now pursuing total forfeiture.

But today in the middle hours of the afternoon, the CEO of Voice Of The East Media and convener of Ndigbo awake project, Gaius Chibueze has declared his unconditional support for Mr. Allen Onyema in this difficult time. According to Gaius Chibueze, “A suspect cannot be labeled guilty until he is proven to be guilty. Human judgment is fallible and even the innocent get accused of crimes they did not commit. For a good man like Allen Onyema who has shown solidarity to his countrymen when they faced a life-threatening situation in South Africa, I believe the least we can do for him is to give him the benefit of doubt. I call on all Ndigbo of Goodwill and Nigerians, in general, to stand with Mr. Allen Onyema at this time.”

Mr. Allen Onyema is the CEO of Air Peace and earlier in the year, he won the heart of many Nigerians by single-handedly evacuating many of them from South Africa during the most recent Xenophobic attack.


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