There Is Less Nudity In Nollywood Than In The Music Industry-Emeka Enyiocha


Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Enyi ọcha has stated that the nudity in Nollywood is less than that in the music industry.

The handsome actor who has a scar on his face, known for his fine boy and bad boy roles in Nollywood in the early 2000s stated that Nigerian music videos these days can be compared to soft porn.

He said this in a chat with Saturday beats. He was reported to have said, “Nudity is prevalent in the music industry, not in Nollywood. There is practically no music video you will see these days without someone being semi-nude in it. The musicians just do their thing, but I don’t know if there’s a way they can cut (reduce) it. For Nollywood, the Censors Board is there to regulate what they do. Right now, our music videos can be compared to porn.”

When he was asked the reason he has not been appearing in movies recently, he said, “Nothing has been happening to me. There are many platforms in which one can show and watch movies now. As an actor you don’t get old in your game; rather you get better as you age.”

The actor also said that more people are gradually embracing Nollywood and that changes are coming in gradually and the productions are getting better, both from the end of the government and the private sector.


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