The World Is Going Digital; Are Ndigbo Being Left Behind? – – Gaius Chibueze


Replete in human history or from the prehistoric era as science teaches us, there have been various transitions from and into different ages. And these transitions are dictated by the growing trend in biological advancement as in the prehistoric era and technological advancement as in the modern era!

The most recent transitions which Ndigbo have seen before our very eyes and that of our ancestors over the past 100 years are those of the stone age, to the atomic age, to the jet age, to the computer age which has swiftly moved from the internet age and is now on its way to the digital age. Everybody who is up-to-date with the digital innovation currently sweeping the world now is aware that the only things that cannot be done through the internet are those basic human and biological functions. Just ten years ago, the internet was impressive and today, it is simply mindblowing. The reason why we do not get as humbled by these innovations as we ought to is that they happen over a series of time in what seem to be slow processes. Only when we look back do we realize how far we have come. And then, there is this tendency in we humans to get used to wonderful things as though they were everyday things when we have used them easily over a certain period of time. Not many of us have a sense of wonder to appreciate the transition from java technology to android and apple technology in the past ten years for example. And without this sense of wonder, we cannot ask ourselves pertinent questions on how we can be part of the innovation. Without this curiosity, we are merely being dragged along and in larger sense, left behind, because we are simply not taking part in the process.

Let us take a look at some global examples that have taken the world by storm. Kodak, the leading photography company, decades ago, saw the digital innovation coming in and were not bothered enough to invest in the technology and we all saw how they were dethroned. Today, social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and so on have taken over the communication and entertainment scene to a high degree. Amazon and Ebay are now a magnanimous part of world commerce. The founders of these digital companies are some of the richest people in the world. Ndigbo should take two lesson from this; That as in the case of Kodak, any group of people who beat them in the race for digital innovation might dethrone them as the masters of commerce in Africa. And secondly, that their progress can be multiplied with the use of digital technology.

In my last write-up, I talked about how Ndigbo need to make use of the media in moving their business endeavors forward. But I think it is even more important that after getting acquainted with the media, we try as much as possible to catch up with the digital journey which is marking the highest form of innovation in human history. Ndigbo need to look beyond their success in the African local scene or in Nigeria where mediocrity is the order of the day. We need to think global and look at how it is done in Germany, England, Japan, China and other countries with world-renowned economies. I think Ndigbo should move beyond the level of being the proverbial one-eyed man who is the kingin the land of the blind and we should invest more in Digital innovation which can be a great boost in our collective welfare.

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