Over the years, the world has become a relatively smaller place. And when I say this, I do not mean smaller in the sense of size. I mean it in the sense of reachability. With the popularization of cell phones and subsequently, the coming of the internet, it has become easier to reach people and pass across information faster than ever, even than it was in the age of foremost media bloom when the radio was discovered. Today, we don’t just have media, but we have an even more attractive and wide-reaching brand of media known as Social Media. The social media needs no introduction. Most modern Igbo people are conversant with the basics of social media, but a lot has not been done by way of facilitating development in our homeland by the use of social media.

Social media today (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.,) are no longer just tools for making friends and connecting with old friends. it has become a tool for wealth creation and establishing businesses and even legacies, if the right technique and vision is put into it. A lot of people have mobile phones and they are always broke to buy even basic things as data in the age where cell phones pay bills and afford some people a lot of basic amenities and in some cases, luxuries like flight tickets. the difference between people who make money with their cell phones and the people who only play around on social media is awareness and ignorance. But on the larger scale, this short post is not about them. It is about Ndigbo in general; it is about the fact that Ndigbo are still more like the group of people who are still broke despite having cell phones; it is about the fact that Ndigbo need to awake and begin to see the internet for the oil well that it is; it is about the fact that both the social, and as we shall be discussing later, the digital media need to be harnessed in driving forward the development of the South east.

Many businesses would do better if they had a website or an Instagram page; many young people won’t be jobless or engage in illicit activities if they knew how to make money with their cell phones. How do we get to know these things? I have written a book titled, Get Rich From The Net and in that book, I tried to answer some of the question. The book is available on Amazon. We are also starting a movement which will take full flight from next year. Getting involved in digital and media innovation in the Igbo land will reduce unemployment and by so doing, create a lot of avenue for development in igbo land.

Ndigbo Awake!


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