The Secret Of My Becoming Very Rich After Just A Few Years– Gaius Chibueze


Almost everybody wants to be rich. A greater number of people want to be comfortable. And this is one of the very esteemable ambitions to have in life; because what is life without the basic necessities which make it livable? It is at best, a life of strife. Being poor is not a pleasant experience. But then, the more biting reality is the fact that making money is even more difficult than remaining in your comfort zone which keeps you in the rat race.

Over the years, I have written many books, lectured countless people, made countless posts on social media posts on how to make money. In the world today, it is no doubt that there are indeed, countless ways to make money. But in every endeavour which has made a millionaire, there are more professionals of the same field who are poor. there are businessmen who are rich, but there are more of them who are poor. the question then is, what differentiates the poor from their rich counterparts. I will breakdown my answers in three interrelated steps;

  1. Ideas: You must have heard it said countless times, that ideas make the world go round. Almost every exceptional invention of man that has made life easier for us once began as an idea. An idea requires visualizing something which is needed in your immediate surrounding and ways on how to put a thing or two together and begin to offer such a service. The concept of ideas isn’t new to us. we all know what ideas are.
  2. Energy: This is one of the least talked about secret to success. Energy! one of the things which distinguish moguls or successful entrepreneurs from their less successful counterparts who might even have similar ideas is the energy they possess! The first thing we mentioned is ideas. the truth is that a good idea is special. But the truth is that almost everybody can have a special idea because every individual is special. what we cannot all do is bring our ideas to fruition. Not everybody has the energy to put in the work that will bring their ideas to fruition. before ideas become reality, it requires a lot of work. This weekend, I worked for almost 80 hours non stop because I am excited about the prospect of my newly launched project, Tatcoin, which I expect will be the biggest blockchain project from Africa! vNot everybody has the kind of zeal to put in all this work! The truth remains that rich people are much busier than poor people on the general scale of things. The difference between the rich and their less successful counterpart sometimes, is the fact that the former puts in more work and apart from that, they sustain the energy!
  3. Consistency: This is perhaps, the most important of all, because as we all know, better is the way a thing ends than how it begins. Many people start out on the way to success, but not all of them reach their destination because along the line, some people are distracted. And some deviate, some relax. Only few people keep going till they reach the finish line. One of the secrets to my success, especially making money with Bitcoin is that I focused on it for a long time and I was able to keep my eyes on the big picture. A lot of people were more concerned about getting immediate results and so they booted out in the long run. Some of those people who gave up then are still struggling financially. Many more people will be successful if only they can sustain the same energy with which they began.

It is my hope that when you read these tips, you will get more insight on how to push for success in your business.


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