The much awaited Fourth season is here, and we’re here to introduce the housemates to you.

The first housemate is Avala. Avala is 30, she’s a musician

The Second Housemate is Khafi. Khafi is 29, from Ekiti State, she is a Police Officer in London, she’s single and searching and Available.

The Third Housemate is Omashola, from Delta State, He’s 38 years old.

The Fourth Housemate is Frodd, from Anambra State, Frodd is 28 years old.

The Fifth Housemate is Ike, Ike is a Model, 26, single and ready to mingle, wants to win and he’s here for the experience and the money.

The Sixth Housemate is Ella, from Anambra State, She’s single but not ready to mingle.

The Seventh Housemate is Kim Oprah, she’s a beauty queen, she’s 23, from Imo State.

The Eight Housemate is Isilomo, she’s 27, from Delta state. She’s a HR manager, she’s single and Available.

The Ninth Housemate is Jackye, she’s 23, from Anambra State. She’s a Software engineer, She’s in a relationship.

The Tenth Housemate is Tuoyo, he’s 24, from Delta State, He’s single and available. He’s a physiotherapist, Fitness Trainer and Part Time Stripper.

The Eleventh Housemate is Nelson (Nelly) He’s 26, From Rivers State, He’s single an very available. He’s a Pageant winner and Masseuse.

The Twelveth housemate is SirDee, SirDee is a 28 year old Banker, from Kogi State.

The Thirteenth Housemate is Seyi, Seyi is 30 years old, from Ogun state. Seyi is the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo.

The Fourteenth Housemate is Esther, 22 years old Lawyer and Part time hustler from Lagos State.

The Fifteenth Housemate is Thema, Thelma is 26, from Imo State, she’s in a relationship.

The Sixteenth Housemate is Gedoni, Gedoni is 31 years old, from Cross Rivers State. He’s a Fashion Designer.

The Seventeenth Housemate is Diane, She’s a Chef, 23 years old from Kaduna, she’s single and Available.

The Eighteenth Housemate is Mercy, From Imo State, she’s single, not Available,she’s blunt and doesn’t keep secrets, she’s a Video vixen.

The Nineteenth Housemate is Tacha. Tacha is 23, from Rivers State.

The Twentieth Housemate is Jeff, Jeff is 30, from Anambra State.

The Twenty First and Last Housemate is Mike, Mike is from Manchester, United Kingdom , her family originated from Lagos, he’s a 28 years old British and Nigerian Jump Champion, He’s Married.

Who is your favorite?

All Images are from DSTV.



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