What To Expect As Ọgbakọ Ụmụ Igbo Day Draws Near


As we all know, the maiden edition of the gathering of Igbo People in Lagos has been slated for the 3rd of August 2019, and will be taking place at the sand pitch of the National Stadium, Lagos.

I just wanted to take out this time to remind you some things to look forward to as we wait on the D-day.

– Full display of the Igbo culture, Tradition and Lifestyle.

On That day, The Igbo culture, tradition, language and lifestyle will be displayed in all its glory, and you can’t afford to miss out on such beautiful moments because everything about the Igbo culture is amazing.

– Igbo Attires

We all know that the Igbo people have a lot of wonderful traditional attires, and it will be in full display. A lot of people love to play dress up, you see people having peculiar dress codes for movie premieres, events etc, then imagine how wonderful it will be to see people looking beautiful, classy, gorgeous, elegant, ravishing in their different Igbo dresses, you can’t afford to miss it.

– Igbo Music

What is a gathering of Igbo people without Igbo Music? On that day, you will have to come with your dancing shoes because Igbo Music will be Blazing the speakers and ministering melodiously to our ears and dancing organs, and you know you can’t sit or stand still when Igbo Music is on.

– Igbo Food

What is a gathering of people, especially Igbo People without food? It can’t be possible. Just make sure you come stomach empty and wallet loaded because there will be different kinds of Igbo foods on that day from Ukwa to Abacha to Okpa to Ofe Onugbu, all kinds of Igbo food Will be exhibited on that day.

I know you’re already salivating, who wouldn’t be? Start getting ready Now.

See more details on the flier above.


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