Africa is being left behind. Take a look back in history, at least from as recently as just a hundred years ago in which the world has transitioned from the stone age to the jet age and now, the computer age, if you are sincere with yourself, Africa is merely dragging behind. The world’s transitions from these remarkable epochs is marked by scientific and technological advancement in fields like medicine, pharmacy, engineering and even philosophy. But how much progress has Africa made in these respects? Very negligible, iIdaresay! And what is that one very much neglected factor which we Africans, particularly Ndigbo need to become conscious of? It is the philosophy of self preservation!


I have, for years been talking about the cogent and urgent need for Ndigbo to become even more united than they have been and how sacrosanct it is for us to return home and build it. A hundred years or even as recent as seventy years ago, there was devastating poverty in most Asian countries, particularly in Korea and Russia. The Japanese also recovered from one of the most dastardly disasters of their history where their two biggest cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And now, they are one of the world’s strongest economies and the most industrialized countries in the world. China as part of their endless technological innovation, last month unveiled a new model of the Huawei phone which is tens of times faster than the android phone and Korea can’t be neglected when technologically advanced countries are mentioned. It is my belief and evidence abound from the various technological breakthroughs achieved by Ndigbo during the war, that Ndigbo have the ability to develop Igbo land to the level of these great countries, if not to an even better extent. however, the question we must ask ourselves is what these nations are doing that the Igbo nation is not doing?


The Japanese have a very beautiful culture of filial piety and filial devotion. And this culture thrives on self improvement. It is almost the same with the Koreans, but the Chinese tend to compromise based on situation, but what these people really have in common is their loyalty and allegiance to motherland. It is even so much in the Japanese that their religion is a relic of adoration to motherland. And so, to these people, there is very great value in improving and developing motherland. The Koreans are said to have very little natural resources and so resorted to science and technology which  over the period of a few decades, led them to a remarkable breakthrough. At the time, the Korean government made arrangements to send their people on scholarship to scientifically developed countries where they learnt various crafts and when they return home, the government made provisions for them to utilize their skills and also to teach even more people based at home. This was how industrialization was encouraged in these regions. And so whatever skills they have acquired abroad would be used for the development of motherland.


Ndigbo need to learn from these people, the immense benefit of genuine love for motherland and the immense benefit if continuous investments in education, home and abroad (for the benefit of Igbo land). There definitely would be immense changes in Igbo land in a decade or two, if we can learn a thing or two from these people in our bid to build a better Igbo land.


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