Throwback Thursday: Oliver De Coque


Chief Dr. Oliver Sunday Akanite, popularly known as Oliver De Coque was Born on 14th April 1947.

He was a popular high life musician and guitarist, he has more than 73 albums to his name, making him the most popular High life king in Africa.

He hailed from Ezinifite in Nnewi South Local Government Area, Anambra State and started playing music at the age of 17 with Ekpili.

He was also known as Nnukwu mmanwu gbaru afu onu.

While growing up, he was popularly called the Games Master, this was because he was good at the game of draft. Draft is called ‘Okwe’ in Igbo language, people started calling him ‘Oliver De Ka Okwe’, he then changed the name to sound more like a french name, and that was how he got the name Oliver De Coque.

His band was known as the ogene sound super of Africa, and they blended high life and traditional Igbo music.

His music paints a picture of the affluence enjoyed by the Igbos, whereby he calls out various names of rich Igbo men and their native titles acknowledging them with their accomplishments.

His greatest songs were People’s club of Nigeria, Mbiri ka mbiri and Otimkpu.

May he continue to rest in the Bossom of the Lord.


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