Nina Ivy At 23 : From Having No Name To Having An Empire In Her Name


It was on the 28th of January 2018 she walked into our TV screens and stole our hearts with her innocence and naivety.

Unnoticed at first, but later grew on us with her sweet demeanor and her laughs, her laughs always melted our hearts without mercy, she was our cute little baby, one could not help but fall in love with her.

Fast forward to a year later, and our baby is all grown, facing the world all by herself, taking the bull by the horn and leaving her mark every where she goes, signing Endorsement deals and making giant strides.

It was also on this day that she launched her hair business and Business Conglomerate NINA EMPIRE! what a ride it has been, her fans watching her grow even when she was caught up in one drama or the other, she always picks up herself gracefully and has since added Accessories and cosmetics to her growing Empire.

It is only a person who doesn’t know what growth means that will say Nina hasn’t grown.
From being voiceless to being a Big Voice,
From having no name to having an Empire in Her Name, a Conglomerate in the making.

Happy Birthday Nina Ivy
Here’s To Taking More Territories,
Breaking Records and Setting New ones.
Keep leaving your mark and possessing Everywhere you thread upon.


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