Fans Of #BBNaija ‘s Nina Visits Hospitals and Orphanage Homes To Celebrate Her Upcoming Birthday


Want to know how hard #BBNaija Stans can go for their favorite housemates ? Just read through this post.

Fans of The Beautiful Nina went all out for her upcoming birthday, by visiting hospitals and orphanages around the country to celebrate her birthday with the less privileged and sick ones.

They went bearing gifts, putting huge smiles on the faces of the people they visited, and the people prayed for them and Nina passionately.

This is very thoughtful of them to do positive things and reach out to people who needs help.

Meanwhile, Nina’s Birthday is coming up on the 31st and we can’t wait to see how hot that day is going to be, because we know it’s definitely going to be HOT! !

Pictures From their outing below :


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