By Gaius Chibueze

It is no doubt that the Nigerian youth presently plays little or no role in government. The whole affairs of the country are more or less controlled by the same old men who have had a hand in bringing this country to its shambolic state. This same group of old and ineffective men are recycled and shelved among themselves in different major administrative positions where they continue their selfish practices. So dominant is the role that these men play in Government that the youth are marginalized to the point of little or nothing is seen of them.

There are hardly any youth holding any gubernatorial position, neither are they readily seen in the federal house of assembly, or even ministerial positions.

Recently, the National house of assembly passed a pretentious bill titled NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN and the general elections came early this year and once again, the reality is that everything was set to gift victory into the same men who have done no good to the country.

In Enugu state where I come from, it has been quite saddening. This man who served in his federal constituency for more than a decade, and was elected governor and all of a sudden left the state in the hands of God. Under his watch, the Fulani herdsmen invaded Uzo-Uwani community and slaughtered people and the next that was seen of him was a photograph of him being very timid with Muhammadu Buhari. Major projects have been on pause for the last four years, everybody has been complaining about the state of things in the once blooming Enugu state! And the only thing the governor could do was talk about how he has put the state in God’s hand. Pray, tell, was it God or Ifeanyi Ugwuanyị that the good people of Enugu state voted to be their governor?

From my studies of the world’s greatest nations and the leaders who shaped them, I have discovered that good leaders possess one attribute which our rulers do not have; empathy. And by empathy, I mean the ability to feel the pains of those you govern, to fit yourself into their shoes and know where it itches and work to relieve them as though you are relieving yourself. But then, people who are blinded to your pains cannot be empathetic to you. Many Nigerian rulers have since lost touch from the reality of the average Nigerian in their many years of immersion of the luxuries of Nigeria’s top political offices where they stay and steal the nation dry and deliberate their selfish interests. And so they are blinded to the plight of the country and never can the solutions come from them.

It is we the youth who have been through the fire and the frying pan, the marks and the tremors of our bodies tell the stories of our adventure, it is we who are putting on the shoes, it is we who know where it itches, it us we who know where the rain began beating us and our duty to find a place to dry our bodies.

Dear Youth, let us arise and reclaim what belongs to us. Let us open our eyes and watch out for the path which leads to the light at the end of the tunnel. The future is ours and we can reclaim it!

Gaius Chibueze is a Governorship Candidate for Enugu State in 2023

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