Ever since her rise to fame and stardom, after her super hit single, “Johnny” about six years ago, Yemi Alade has remained a regar in the canon of Nigeria’s most famous and well to do artists. She has been quite consistent and has released hit upon hits and three albums which has set the wheel of her popularity rolling over the years.

It is also noteworthy that her videos are often funny and entertaining. I remember about five years ago in my first year in the university, when the Johnny Video was all over the place and a cousin of mine had come to visit me in school and in the course of going through my phone, stumbled on the Johnny video. She was cracked up and entertained by the funny concept of the video of many women pursuing a single man who had defrauded them by the way of love, that she (my cousin) ended up watching the video over and over again. I also rememberee how much I loved the KISSING video because it did not fail to deliver in its romantic appeal which was the subject matter of the video. And for six years, Yemi Alade has gone from strength to strength in her art, which as an artist, I know is no easy feat. And although like every other artist who is human, it hasn’t been a perfect ride, it has been a good one, nonetheless, at least, her fans are far from being disappointed.

The latest of the strides from the Abia State born singer is the remix of her beautiful song, OH MY GOSH with the Maybach Music Group mogul, Rick Ross which has for the past one week, taken the Nigerian music scene by storm and has garnered 2.5 million views on Yemi Alade’s YouTube page alone. The song had Rick Ross taking it to a whole new hip hop dimension and as expected has been a huge success.  Later this year, A WOMAN OF STEEL, Yemi Alade’s fourth studio album is expected. And what her fans expect is nothing less than what she has given us in the past but for many fans like me, something more.


The lyrics of most songs by the artiste, has surprisingly not measured up to the standard of what is expected from a singer of international repute like her. It is no doubt that Yemi Alade is blessed with a fine voice, coupled with a talent for stringing lyrics together to keep us dancing. The quality of her music is, of course, undoubted and goes without saying. The most important thing from my perspective is that Yemi Alade is a beautiful singer who, even at the height she has attained.with the help of a good song writer can improve her art, at least in the aspect of content. We have a Yemi Alade to whose music we can listen and dance to. It would also be grand to have a Yemi Alade, to whose lyrics we can listen and nod our heads to.


We are looking forward to A WOMAN OF STEEL, and we hope, that at least, we receive a content which points us hopefully in a promising direction.


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