Okoro Blessing Nkiruka

    Okoro Blessing Nkiruka is a relationship counselor, and a Brand Influencer. She is the founder of Leading relationship platform, Break or Make Up concept.

    We had a chat with her , about her life and how she handles relationship issues brought to her table.

    Q: You are a Relationship Counselor, was that your dream career or did it just Happen?

    A: Relationship Counselling was never a career , it was just something i was and am still passionate about. I love to interact, and after my past experiences in marriage, i decided to speak up.

    Q: Tell us About Your Journey To and Through Relationship Counselling

    A: My Journey has been so good, maybe because i have a lot of experience and everything comes naturally. I don’t have to read so much books, i just talk from my experience and the experiences people share with me everyday. It has been a smooth one.

    Q: What is The Toughest Case You’ve Handled So far?

    A: Wow! The toughest case so far has to be the case of a man who wanted Anal sex with his wife just because she cheated on him, so, he said he will never penetrate where another man has penetrated. The only thing that will make him forgive her is if she opens her anus for him. It was so tough because i knew the marriage was over but the woman refused to accept it. She was willing to do it, but the truth was that the man no longer loved her. It was a tough one, but they made up.

    Q: Have You Ever Broken Down When Counselling people?

    A: Yes, i break down sometimes, but they don’t see it. i break down behind them.

    Q: What has Been Your High And Low Moment As a Relationship Counselor?

    A: My Low Moment is the trolls, sometimes, they get to me, but i find a way to ignore them.

    Q: You know, most people Don’t Really Know That Doctors Fall Sick Too, and Sometimes Need Medical Attention, How Do You Handle Your Own Relationship Issues?

    A: Interesting question! I talk to my mum a lot. once i have any relationship problems, i call her. And most times, I talk to myself a lot because only me knows the truth about my relationship.

    Q: Apart From Relationship  Counseling, What Else Do You Do?

    A: I work, i’m a public servant.

    Q: How Do You Run Your Career As a Relationship Counselor, Your Job As a Public Servant And Still Take Care Of Your Kids?

    A: It’s tough, very tough but when you are passion driven, what ever you do becomes a part of you. Anything is easy with passion.

    Q: What Particular Piece Of Advice Do You Always Give To Couples That Comes To You For Counseling?

    A: Never forget to put value on your name when in love, Never forget yourself.


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