Ahead of the upcoming elections, it could be argued (at least from the look of things on social media) that the Igbo people seem to be the most divided ethnic group. There seems to be no common consensus which has been reached on what stand they should take in the elections. Majority of the Igbo people are tired of the country and they are out to Boycott the elections and make a bold statement to the international community that they no longer want a part in the country. Another group are tired of the tyrant in power, Muhammadu Buhari, and so are bent on voting him out by voting for PDP’s Atiku Abubakar because of Peter Obi, his running mate.

Now, which of these is the best choice? A permanent solution which involves a total separation of state or at the very least, amendment of the constitution, decentralization of power, and implementation of true fiscal policy? Or is it a temporary solution of voting one tyrant out and watching the alternative metamorphose into something similar and trying to vote him out again in another four years and engaging in the infinite cycle?

Nigeria as a country has been through so much historically, which many of the populace isn’t aware because cogent efforts have been made to hide the history from the people. The desperation being shown today by people in order to remove the incumbent and replace him with something from the same source with him is something that has been seen in the past among Nigerians. The affinity for what is in sight has a tendency to blind them from seeing the bigger picture of the future. There are certain questions NDIGBO need to ask themselves ahead of the forthcoming elections. Who is the real enemy? The tyrant or the state? And which one do we get rid of in order to achieve a truly better state of things.

The Igbo people who are mainly Christians should realize that the constitution which currently governs their country is what enables tyranny, and is written under the influence of Islamic extremist tendency of the Sharia law. If the southerners who are predominantly Christians in Nigeria should realize that to get a fair treatment in the country, the constitution must be done away with. And how will that be done? It is coming together to release a bold statement that we no longer want to be part of this contraption to the glaring view of the world.



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