The following are ten reasons why Igbo business people, should move their businesses to Igbo land:

1. To emulate the Chinese people who have developed their country by way of bringing all their machinery of productions to their country. This has made them one of the most industrialized nations on earth with one of the highest GDP. And because of this, many countries in the world are dependent on the Chinese goods, including Nigeria. The industry there is forever booming because people from all over the world want to do business with the Chinese. The Igbo people are equally as talented as the Chinese and should strive to emulate them by bringing all their businesses home.

2. To bring development in Igbo land: The Igbo man has been known for his business prowess and industry. But the sad reality is that this wonderful attribute of his is not evident in his homeland. Igbo land is poorly developed and lacking in businesses for a land that produces the most industrious people in Africa and even the world at large. The illustrious sons and daughters of Igbo land should endeavour to move their businesses closer to their home.

3. To provide job opportunities in Igbo land: There are very few job opportunities in Igbo land as a result of the scarcity of industries and well established businesses in Igbo land. This problem of unemployment among the Igbo youth could be reduced to a large degree if Igbo people bring their businesses closer to Igbo land.

4. To attract foreign investors to Igbo land: The influx of businesses in a place, no doubt brings development as a result of improved economy. And there is no doubt that a good economy is a good attraction for foreign investors. And so, if Igbo people bring their businesses closer to igbo land, they will no doubt, attract major investors.

5. To play their own possible part in developing Igbo land. Because we cannot keep waiting on the government. Since the government has proven that they are irredeemably irresponsible, the people should take the bull by the horn and lead the way. Perhaps, this will serve as wake up call for the government.

6. To show that the Igbo people are independent as ever and can do great things without the help of the Hausa/Fulani dominated government.

7. To give the Hausa/Fulani dominated hegemonical government less chance to marginalize us.

8. To send a clear message that Ndigbo are ready to move forward as an independent nation, with or without the permission of the Fulani oligarchy.

9. To prove that Ndigbo are indeed the merchant of Africa: The Igbo people have a proverb which says, “Aku ruo ulo, a mara onye kpatara ya” (When wealth gets home, the owner is known.) Our forefathers in their great wisdom knew this and we should strive to perpetuate the truth in these words by bringing our wealth home , to prove to the world that indeed, we are the owners.

10. To encourage our young people who have gone to other regions of the country in search of greener pastures to return home.


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