Ndi Ihiala Federal Constituency it is disheartening that nobody has acted or spoken boldly against the fraudulent arrangement that’s being perfected by one Agulueri born Mr Chinedu Obidigwu whose principal interest is to produce Mrs Edith Okeite as APGA flag bearer for Ihiala Federal Constituency in 2019.

This arrangement is not only understood as denigration of monumental proportion to Okija people but also going to direct their aggravated anger to voting against APGA in 2019 .

Mrs Edith Okeite has come to defraud Ndi Ihiala Federal Constituency.

It is in record that Ndi Okija have resolved to produce a candidate for Federal House of Representative in 2019 under APGA. The resolution was made in Okija at Okija Political Roundtable Discussion which witnessed the presence of Hon Prince Ken Emeakayi, former Commissioner for Works and PDP Chairman Anambra State, Hon Golden Iloh ,Ichie Nwaeme Ozogo Nwakanma
Barr. Ikenna Obidiegwu,Hon. Chinedu Ukachukwu , Hon. (Mrs) Bridget Obi Comrade Jerry Nnubia,Hon. Abajuo , Comr Amb. Ojukwu Remigius
as well as aspirants from different political parties of Okija extraction. Mrs Edith Okeite is from Agulueri but married to an Ihiala man. Meanwhile, her political history suggests that she is more loyal to her town Agulueri than Ihiala.
There are so many questions that require answers from Mrs Edith Okeite’s aspiration and the undying support she receives from some forces in Agulueri. The questions are: What make APGA think that Mrs Edith Okeite , who contested for Federal House of Representative and failed woefully in Anambra East in 2011 and 2015 , will win in Ihiala Federal Constituency in 2019? Have you not known that her persistent failure in elections is as result of her unpopularity?
What can you make out from her first and second attempts to represent Anambra East Federal Constituency instead of Ihiala?

Stop pondering on the answers because iam here to unfold them. Firstly, APGA in Ihiala local government is nothing but puppet in the hands of an Agulueri man, Mr Chinedu Obidigwu who want to determine the political fate of Ndi APGA in Ihiala Local Government Area. Since, Mrs Edith Okeite contested and failed woefully in Anambra East in two different occasions, it is a clear suggestion that her people rejected her. Now, the rejected commodity is being imposed on Ihiala Federal Constituency and nobody is talking. Bikonu, when did Ihiala Federal Constituency become a dumping ground for politically rejected people of Agulueri?

The fact she contested twice in Anambra East Federal Constituency shows that she has greater affinity for her maiden home, Agulueri, than Ihiala Federal Constituency.
Iam very sure she would not attract any benefit to Ndi Ihiala Federal Constituency if she had won her election in Anambra East Federal Constituency .

Many do not know that if Mrs Edith Okeite wins in Ihiala Federal Constituency and Mr Chinedu Obidigwu, who is also contesting in Anambra East ,achieves in 2019- Agulueri will be Representatives. This is their perfected plan my people.

It is now obvious that her attention will be drawn to Agulueri where she derives support not Ihiala Federal Constituency.

In other words, if her husband divorces her after winning the election, Ndi Ihiala Federal Constituency your representation will be completely lost to Agulueri. Ponder on it critically. For this reason, Okija has decided to vote any political party that respects her interests if APGA gives its ticket to Mrs Edith Okeite.

Oke adighi eri ihe Onye mu anya




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