Since the growth of the South East region was halted by Civil war, efforts at revamping it had failed because of lack of integral block , organized leadership and dearth of quality representation (that is devoid of selfish interest) in the National Assembly that can form good synergies with the federal government in the region. It is stressing that southeast has not found the will to completely address critical projects which a single state will not have resources to undertake.

For this reason, my presence in the Senate will be aimed at driving sustainable economic growth that would produce a generic model of regional development that is devoid of politics and ethnic colouration.

It is imperative that the industrial development of Anambra South and southeast would be incomplete without the establishment of an industrial park and Industrial free zone in Nnewi, Ekwulobia, Ihiala, Aba to propel the manufacturing industry as the activities of the free zone will create vibrant synergetic economic partnership among Nigerians with precipitation of THINK HOME MENTALITY in our people. The key challenge is how to engender good corporate governance and engender competitive investment environments that are necessary to bring about poverty alleviation through private sector-driven inclusive economic growth.

This is one of the most important reasons for my being in the Senate as it is a clear demostration of my commitment to the economic and social transformation of Anambra South and South East region in general.

The deplorable state of infrastructure in Anambra South region is alarming and calls for urgent attention alongside the presence of representative of people’s interests to facilitate it in the Senate.
The dredging of the River Niger has become political with no action from past administrations notwithstanding the uncommon support they gained from Anambra south and South East when they were in power. This properly defined how badly we have suffered in lack of quality representation.

I will put in my effort and make the fate of the Onitsha Sea Port to remain very clear as its challenges have continued to engender forceful migration of South East business owners ( mostly from Anambra south) to areas outside the region in search of greener pastures with giving encouragement to capital flight and underdevelopment of our land.

The emerging South East market will be a major economic hub in Nigeria, and West Africa, with substantial global trade and huge industrialization potentials and opportunities. The time has come for the South East, especially Anambra South, economies to be integrated to boost investment, trade and development in the region and the nation at large.


As a leader and ambassador of people’s oriented policy, I will be initiating moves, through bills and motions to ensure a level playing field is provided by way of equity and fair play in distribution of national resources to adequately benefit Anambra south and the region; it will help to variously empower the restive youths that can channel their energies towards more productive ventures than being in crime.

This will serve as my determination in focusing on leadership development in order to change the fortunes of our people and give hope to present and future generations.

Poor investment climate in the south east are among reasons why Investors shy away from the region. And I will be in the Senate to have it addressed.


Truly, lack of infrastructure is part of very important disincentives for investment in the region. But negative perception “that the region is not conducive for investment”, has been a major clog in the wheel for investment.
There have been capital flight, premium human capital flight and these have caused massive investment flight out of the region. Strategic rebranding and Think Home Campaign efforts ( as I have stated earlier) will create excitement and interest around the economic possibilities and strengths in Anambra South and South east. This ultimately would drive investment interest . I will a campaign against these abnormalities for the betterment of Ndi Anambra South and South East .These and many more will be your benefits when you support me to serve selflessly for Anambra South in the Senate.

*Iam Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa committed to LIBERATING Anambra South and South East from the bondage of bad representation


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