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Sen. Chris Ngige is the Father of “modern Anambra State.”

The younger brother of Dr Chris Ngige, Nwachukwu Ngige has declared the achievement of the former Governor of Anambra unmatchable and unprecedented as he highlighted his outstanding achievement the Labour Minister on his Facebook timeline today.

Nwachukwu Ngige:

“Even though opponents do not want to hear it, we can’t however allow it suffer erasure! *The majority of the cardinal and defining development feats which the people of Anambra still enjoy today is traceable to the vision of one man , Sen. Chris Nwabueze Ngige MD, OON, Hon. Minister of Labour and Employment. *Ngige sat as Governor of Anambra State for 34 months during which period the “foundation for modern Anambra State” was laid . *He initiated a road construction Armada – 500km of solid roads standing without a single pot hole till today. A total of 72 roads(State and Federal) across the three senatorial zones. Isuochi -Owerri Ezukala-Umunze-Umuchu-Amesi-Uga/Uga-Ezinifte-Igboukwu. Otuocha-Aguleri-Umuleri–Nteje-Awkuzu-Ifite Dunu-Abagana–Eziowelle-Abatete-Uke-Ideani-Alor-Nnokwa. Nnobi-Nnewi-Ozubulu-Ihembosi-Okija fed. road Isseke-Orsumoghu-Ukpor-Utuh-Nnewi-Awka Etiti Amawbia-Nibo-Mbaukwu-Agulu-road Onitsha Township roads-Modebe Avenue, Ozomagala, Upper -Lower Iweka Road, , Francis Street, Ms Elems,Port Harcourt Road. Zika Roundabout- Nkpor-Umuoji-Uke-Nnobi Road Awka Township Roads-dualisation of Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue, Civil Service Commission Rd, Nya Lane etc Nnewi Township Roads-Roads- bank road, Ezemewi, Ibeto, Nnewi High School, Roads. TO MENTION AMONG OTHERS *Fashioned the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the return of schools to the Missions on a collaborative arrangement with the State Government. This formed the major catalyst that restored Anambra’s preeminence in education. *Liquidation of Governmrnt Debs to banks, clearance of arrears od salaries, some accumulating up to 15 months. * 134% rise in pensions with prompt payment, issuance of Governors Executive order for salaries to come on 1st line charge enabling succeeding administrations not fail in this sacred responsibility. *Revamping the Anambra State Counterpart Funds for UBE and others. * Decongesting and development of new social market centres for building materials, textile, and dealers on electrical outside Onitsha to the periphery at ogidi, Ogbinike, Bridge Head, and Oba respectively. * Revival of the Onitsha and Awka Township Water Scheme (water was running in these 2 major cities) before his exit in 2006. * Mapping out of the agriculture zones in Anyamelum (Omor, Ifite Ogwari) Ogboji (Aguata). Finally, credit must also be paid to his successors who have kept the flag flying !


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