Dr Orji Uzor Kalu can take Ndigbo to the Promised Land, says Ejimofor


Kalu can take Ndigbo to the Promised Land, says Ejimofor

Elder statesman and Chairman SAB Group, Sir Sab Ejimofor, has commended the former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, for joining the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to restore the dignity of Ndigbo. Speaking recently at his country home in Uturu, when the former governor paid him a courtesy call, Ejimofor said: “Ndigbo cannot remain third class citizens in a country which they sacrificed so much to establish.

That is why I must thank you for joining the ruling party to help realign our people to the mainstream.” The elder statesman also described Kalu as the face of modern day Nigeria democracy, stressing that: “We want the M. I. Opkara of today; the K.O. Mbadiwe of today; the Mbonu Ojike of now and the Nnmadi Azikiwe of our days. All the characters of this men are found in you.

“We need a leader that will take us to the Promised Land and we the elders that believe you are the one that can make this happen and that is why we are happy when you joined the ruling party to take Ndigbo to the mainstream of Nigerian politics.

“Today being the first day of 2018 should remain remarkable to you because I am unofficially conveying the minds of so many of other Igbo elders I am not saying this because you are here; this is what most of us elders have been discussing behind you in closed doors and today I have the opportunity of relating it to you. “Indeed you a chosen one and we have so much confidence in your ability to deliver in restoring the dignity of the Igbo nation in politics. You possess the courage, boldness and national acceptance and that is why we strongly believe you can take us to the Promised Land.

“Be assured that we the elders will be behind you all the way so don’t think you are embarking on this journey alone. We have made some political mistakes as a race and we need you to assist us as a people to correct those mistakes,” he added.

In response, Kalu, who was accompanied to the visit by his wife, Mrs. Ifunanya Kalu; Chief Uche Ogah of Masters Energy Group, Chief Amaobi Ogah of Paulu Mama Group and a host of other stakeholders, thanked Ejimofor who is the “Ugwu Mba Abia” for his steadfastness in speaking the truth at all times and for his fatherly advice each time he visits. Kalu further thanked the Igbo elders for seeing the good in him, stressing that the essence of his joining APC was to pave the way for Igbos to advance in the politics of Nigeria.

He said: “When they messed up PDP, you remember we formed our own party and made great headway but along the line, I discovered we could no longer remain in the opposition. Ndigbo made a grave strategic political mistakes in recent times which have taken us far behind in the political equation of this country.

“What some of us in APC are doing today is to restore that last dignity and bring back the Igbo race to her rightful position in the politics of this country. I have aligned my personal interest to the collective interest of Ndigbo and that is why I jettisoned being in opposition to join the mainstream where we can join hands with President Buhari to rebuild the country.

“Ndigbo have sidelined themselves and we cannot continue like that but today we are present at the national table where our collective resources are being allocated and our people are seeing the difference abandoned roads and other infrastructures are gradually receiving attention.

“We cannot sideline ourselves and cry marginalisation. We need to be strong partners in national equation and that to be strong partners in the national equation and that is why I must thank you “Ugwu Mba “ for being an elder because it takes a true elder to see the future .

“You are correct. Today will remain evergreen in my heart. I am grateful you and the other elders who have found me qualified to lead the Igbo political renaissance. Though I might not be Mbonu Ojike , nor Nnamdi Azikiwe , nor my elder brother M.I. Okpara, but I am Orji Uzor Kalu and I assure you, with my other brothers and sisters in APC, we shall restore Ndigbo to the rightful position .

The good thing is that President Buhari is sympathetic to the Igbos course and he listens each time we call on him.” The former governor further stated that APC is the only party through which Ndigbo could realise their dream of a President of Igbo extraction after the incumbent President Buahari must have concluded his second term in 2023 and urged Ndigbo to massively vote APC in the coming elections in 2019.

“That is why we are calling on our people to make no mistakes come 2019. We should give Buahri nothing less than 90 per cent of our votes in 2019 when he decides to contest. So that we can have the moral position to ask for an Igbo man being Nigeria’s President in 2023. We cannot afford to make another strategic mistake, Ndigbo must not allow this opportunity to pass us by again,” Kalu warned.

Earlier, a one-time Transitional Council Chairman of Umunneochi Local Government Area, Dr. Frank Osita Chuks, had described Ejimofor as a man of impeccable character whose name is always associated with positive development and selflessness, a man that only aligns himself with progressive programs that advances humanity.

“We must thank you sir for receiving us today being the first day of 2018, that shows you regard the former Governor and all of us as a family. I also thank the Chief Executive Officer of Masters Energy Group, Chief Uche Samson Ogah and Chief Amaobi Ogah, who took out time form their busy schedule to join Kalu in this visit and strongly believe that the words of the elder which we have received today from Ejimofor would encourage us all to work hard for the betterment to encourage us all to work hard for the betterment of Ndigbo.” Frank seized the opportunity to encourage Ogah to recontest for the governorship of Abia State in order to liberate the state from the claws of underdevelopment.

He said Abia State has been reduced to a laughing stock in Nigeria, while also stating that: “Our State Abia has been turned and funny things happen in Abia.

Workers are crying every day for unpaid salaries and we hear of funny things that happen in our government house. Abians are waiting for you to come and liberate them. “Today, I want to use the opportunity to encourage you to recontest again and I believe our elder statesman who has made it possible for us to be here on this special day will also help us convince our former Governor to throw his full support behind Uche Ogah in this quest to uproot evil in our dear state.

“Abia has been left behind by the rest of the South East, a state that was first before has to be relegated to last. We now go to our neighbours to copy ideas. Ejimofor, I have always known that your home is a place where Kings are made, and I believe our visit today will bear fruit. Since I was born I have never heard your name being associated with evil and I must thank you today for receiving us into your peaceful home.”


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